Can You Have A Crow As A Pet? Costs, Legality + FAQs

How to buy a raven

They believed that it was the calls of murdered people who did receive a proper burial. If a raven had a hole in its wing, and you looked through it, you could turn into a raven yourself. Many people will confuse a crow with a raven and vice versa.

How to buy a raven

In fact, ravens and crows are the most intelligent animals on Earth, right next to dolphins and chimps. The laws exist because we always jeopardize the bird by removing it from its natural environment and separating it from its family. Ownership of a crow might result in you being convicted of a crime. As with any animal that is considered an exotic pet, the cost to purchase one can be a wide range depending on where you purchase the exotic animal from and which one you get. Below are 5 reasons that crows and ravens DO NOT make good pets. Below are 5 reasons that crows and ravens would make good pets.

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Crows are highly clever birds with distinct personalities, yet their unusual behavior and federal laws make it challenging to keep them as pets. Crows are sociable birds that flock together to rest and feed. They will follow other crows to their resting and foraging places. To take advantage of this swarm thinking, hang one or two fake crows  about your yard. When they see one crow resting or foraging in your backyard, other crows will likely follow suit. Ravens are intelligent animals who prefer to avoid the risks offered by other animals such as dogs and cats.

How to buy a raven

Sorry about that, but it was important to state that common ravens and crows are illegal and shouldn’t be kept as domestic pets so that you can understand the laws and policies in place. Not only are crows and ravens some of the most intelligent birds in the world, but they are also on a similar intelligence level as monkeys and dolphins. The common raven,
Corvus corax, is a less common Pennsylvania resident than the American crow, but is found in a wide variety of habitats especially the deep woods. Formerly they were found mainly in the mountainous northcentral region especially the Seven Mountains and Endless Mountains regions. They have returned to the common status that they had in the 18th and 19th centuries.

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Ravens are much more likely to vacate a new roost site rather than an established one so it is important to act quickly after they arrive. is an independent comparison platform and
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The raven on the left has a much bigger bill than the crow on the right. Across its range in the Northern Hemisphere, and throughout human history, the common raven has been a powerful symbol and a popular subject of mythology and folklore. The permit requires the person applying to have at least 100 hours of previous hands-on crow rehabilitation experience. You must also have a facility that meets the designated requirements.

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They will try to trick other ravens, pretending to hide their food in one spot while really placing it somewhere else. The Germans believed that ravens were damned souls reincarnated as ravens. The Swedes believed that the eerie croak of a raven during the night was sinister.

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While you can provide some social stimulation to your pet bird, another bird will be a much better solution. If you aren’t planning to have at least two birds, I’d skip a crow or raven as a pet. Some estimates put the crow population at more than 30 million in North America. Their numbers may be affected by man-made substances such as aldrin, dieldrin, heptachlor and DDT that have been introduced into the environment (All are now banned). When these insecticides accumulate they cause local reproductive failure or thin eggshells in some bird species. However, it is speculative whether this is the case with crows.

  • Shiny objects fascinate them, and they have been known to fly off with bits of glass, rings, keys, etc.
  • Because they are non-native to the United States, they are not covered under the MBTA.
  • To take advantage of this swarm thinking, hang one or two fake crows  about your yard.
  • Across its range in the Northern Hemisphere, and throughout human history, the common raven has been a powerful symbol and a popular subject of mythology and folklore.

So regardless of whether they’re agitated, hungry, or enthusiastic, they may emit these loud noises. Even if you have a legal bird, such as the Hooded Crow, it may be challenging to locate a veterinarian knowledgeable about how to care for them because they are not often kept as pets. If you want to take care of crows, you can get accredited as a wildlife Rehabilitator, or you may volunteer at a Wildlife Protection Service in your area. To begin with, you have no way of knowing whether or not the crow was abandoned.

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Taking a wild animal out of its habitat is bad for the ecological balance of the area and for the animal itself. You can still get a crow or raven as a pet, just not the American crow or the common raven. Pied crows and white-necked ravens do not fall under The Migratory Bird Treaty of 1918 because these birds are native to Africa and don’t migrate to the United States. You might be wondering why crows and ravens are included when they aren’t typically migratory birds. Along the shore, it captures fish and small crabs, sometimes steals food from the smaller gulls and terns, and scavenges for whatever it can find. Inland, the fish and common crows often feed together, frequently in agricultural fields.

How to buy a raven

In addition, they have complete access to entire wide-open skies in the wild, something you cannot give in your house. Taking a crow from its natural habitat is terrible, and putting them in a cage is even crueler. It’s therefore always worth keeping in mind that they are wild animals and assuming they can be treated the same as a domesticated cat, dog, a caged bird would be a mistake. Firstly, and arguably most important, is fact that ravens are wild birds and are not domesticated. While they can share similar features with a parrot, the two are very different in terms of their characteristics, needs, and behaviors.

It is possible to have a crow without being a wildlife rehabilitator. We will also discuss the specifics for obtaining a permit in case you do ever come across an injured wild crow and wish to rehabilitate it. In conclusion, there isn’t a reason to own a raven as a pet when you can safely interact and gain the trust of those in the wild. If you get the proper approval to own a raven, you’ll likely end up purchasing one from a reputable, legal breeder.

  • They sometimes use sticks, rocks, pinecones, or even a golf ball as a toy to play with each other or by themselves.
  • They are also noisy and are known to throw “tantrums” when they don’t get their own way.
  • It’s horrible for a crow to be trapped on the ground or in a cage with no chance of getting away.

Raven nests look like large baskets made of sticks, twigs, and mud with shredded bark, grass, feathers, or other soft material as liner. All bird species simply can’t get a grip and slide right off the ledge. The female lays 3 to 6 (usually 4 to 5) oval eggs, which are greenish and covered with brown or olive markings. Incubation, which is mainly by the female, lasts about three weeks. Ravens may live as long as 35 years in the wild, but much less is normal.

Also, if you are considering lethal means, keep in mind that ravens are social birds and the flock is in constant communication, which can make hunting and trapping very difficult. If you need additional assistance deciding on which raven pest control products to install, we can offer guidance in the selection process and tips on how to use our raven deterrents. Larger facilities in particular often have specific needs when it comes to raven prevention or removal.

Read over them carefully to help in your decision about whether a pet crow or pet raven is right for you. Read more about why crows and ravens would make good pets and why they wouldn’t make good pets below. Now that you know which crows and ravens you can legally and ethically own as a pet, are crows and ravens a good fit for you? However, American crows and common ravens — also known as northern ravens or western ravens — are found throughout the United States. Northern ravens will fly thousands of miles south during the winter, while southern birds stay put year round. Ravens have one or two broods a year, averaging four to seven eggs per brood.

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Now you know that you can have a crow or raven as a pet, just not the American Crow or the Common Raven since they are migratory birds native to the United States. Birds that are not part of this treaty that are legal as exotic pets in America include the pied crow and the white-necked raven. Local laws that regulate the hunting, killing, or trapping of ravens vary from state to state.

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